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The distribution that does what you want. Simple, fast, elegant and dynamic. Designed to do everything you need.

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Semplice Desktop
Semplice Desktop (with applications)


That's what "semplice" means. Semplice is easy by design: we adhere to the KISS principle, but that doesn't mean it's complicated. It is also easy for the user, without that bloatware GUIs most user-friendly distro usually include by default.


We've included the best desktop components to build a lightweight, but complete environment. We've included the best open source apps, perfect for use both at home and in office.


Semplice isn't only fast, it is elegant too. In fact, we've designed our desktop look-n-feel to be eye-catching and comfortable for your eyes.

A variant for every taste.

Semplice is based on Debian, from which we inherit its huge software repositories and powerful tools.

The Current variant is based on the unstable ("Sid") branch, which contains the latest version of all your favourite applications. And it also means that everything is rolling-release: you install one time and always get the latest updates, forever. This variant is the most updated one, and will get more feature updates than the other.

The Workstation variant is based on the stable ("Jessie") branch. This means that you'll get an heavily-tested, rock-solid set of applications and updates that will be supported for a long time.

Powered by vera.

Semplice is powered by vera, an easy-to-use, modular, lightweight Desktop Environment built around Openbox that focuses on simplicity.