Semplice for Workstations 2015.2 "Jethro Tull" released!

18 September 2015 - 0 Comments

It's my pleasure to announce the first stable release of Semplice for Workstations 2015, codenamed "Jethro Tull".

After a month since the release of the preview version, I now feel confident to push Semplice for Workstations 2015 to everyone.
An huge thanks goes to everyone who took part in the testing phase and has thus contributed in making this release possible.

You can get this shiny new release from the download page.

About this release

Semplice for Workstations 2015.2 is based on Debian 8.2 "Jessie". The images have been built on 2015-09-18.

You can read the release notes, including instructions on how to upgrade a vanilla Debian 8 "Jessie" installation to Semplice, here.

Upgrading from the Semplice for Workstations 2015.1-preview

If you have installed last month's preview image, you can upgrade with a simple dist-upgrade.

More details can be found in the release notes.

The future

Semplice 8's development has already started.
The final release is expected for next year.

I look forward to read comments and thoughts about Semplice and its direction.

Keep rockin'!

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