Semplice 7.0.1 bugfix release

14 April 2015 - 0 Comments

It's my pleasure to announce the immediate release of the first bugfix release of Semplice 7.

It has been discovered that some machines won't boot with the kernel version shipped in Semplice 7.
The issue has now been addressed and corrected in the kernel version 3.19-3.semplice.1, which is shipping in this bugfix release.
This means that if you had some issues booting Semplice 7 in you machine, these new ISO images should work properly.

For details on Semplice 7, refer to the release notes.

Upgrading from Semplice 7

Just do a normal upgrade (Settings → Device details → Check for updates) to get Semplice 7.0.1 and the updated packages.

Keep rockin'!

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